Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Trials Evo series.

                     NEWS THIS WEEK.

Whats happening.
                      Just wanted to take some time and write a proper post on my new trials evolution feature, which has just started very recently.Myself and Retribution decided to work together and do a collaborated, joint series in the trials forum community.             While he had the idea,the know how, etc, i brought the video editing part to the team. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Trials News and round-up

 This last week.

             The 18th saw the final day of the anniversary custom competition.The winners video was done, and released at 10 P.M
U.K. time.There was prizes for the last 5 places, but in 3rd was Loot Monkey, 2nd came FLYER80, and in first place was SmEgHeAd89 with his track Farm Trials.Here is the video montage for the winners places....

                        A deserved win i think you'll all agree.I totally understand that not everyone will agree on the decision.We would live in a weird world if that was the case.I will try to explain it a little. over the scoring, and how it was done.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Youtube tips and tricks.Vidoes

           Making a better YouTube Channel.

Video Editing.

                      Iv'e been doing alot of research this last week into YouTube, and it's new look, and how can i make this work for my channel better.Not only for myself, but for all my followers too. After all, Its them that make your channel a success.
           Firstly, You need to offer a service that people want.Its a general rule in business, so let us use it on here because the strategies are the same.Your trying to capture a 'market', as in business. As a one topic channel, this is going to be a hundred times harder as it doesn't offer much in variety. Take my channel.Its a dedicated channel to a computer game.This has been done a thousand times before, so now i need to make it as unique as i can.What can i do that is different from other gaming channels? So my quest begins.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Anniversary Custom Competition..

        Anniversary Custom Competition..


                       The A.C.C. has ended.All tracks have been submitted as the track builders wait patiently for the results to be released.Being a judge on the panel was not an easy task.Out of the 38 or so entries,i can honestly say that the standard, and quality of the tracks were all excellent.I can see how some builders have really put there creative skills to hand, as i was pleasantly shocked by a few entries because of their quality.Everything done so neat, ranging from the atmosphere, to the driving lines.The only thing i was surprised at, was the lack of the sound source that wasn't used. Alot of the builders lost a mark for not using this.Because the standard was so high, our judging had to be also.We took every factor into account, which included sound.we had to.This makes it alot more fair right across the board.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A day to remember.



Wearing it with pride..


                     This is a day that will stick with me forever.20th October 2012.Who would have thought it would cause so much controversy.I talking about the True Fan award.
                   I didn't ever think i would get one this quick or even at all.I remember in the first episode, seeing the other guys getting theirs, and i thought then,
"i want one..What can i do to earn one?"
                 Well, i just went on an offensive, but in a quiet way.I had already started on montages for the community,so i just increased my work load.I also offered my services in the forum.I offered to do images and videos for anyone that wanted them.I even started to post a comical series of images, but with my head on the body of things. I thought, this will show people that i have a sense of humour, that i don't take myself serious, and that RedLynx might see them, and look at what i'm up to in general.It must have worked.I set out to get one, and made sure that i was in with a chance.
I got up that day, and on my twitter was a message from E.F. saying,
"Drop everything,Watch R.L.T.V NOW."
At first, i thought i was to do with the D.L.C. but then i saw my name.I thought,
"wow,they have shown my youtube channel on R.L.T.V."
And then, cannibal mentioned True Fan awards.My name was right at the top of the list.Probably meant nothing being at the top, but not to me.I was so over joyed at that point.When i think about it now, and i remember, i still get shivers down my spine..

Monday, May 13, 2013

A University for riders?

University of Trials.

 With Professor Shady.

                Yes.Its true.A University for Trials riders. If you didn't already know about this, then your going to now. The university was founded by an astute, and avid trials rider by the name of 'Fatshady' or who he is now named as, the professor.This guy has many accolades to his name.True Fan being a familiar one, but also, this is the guy,( or one of the few), who actually solved the Riddle that was in the Trials H.D game.Check out this video for more on the riddle.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trials and some friends

                           Germany Trialing...

 My friends from Germany.

              I thought to myself that there's no way i'm doing a blog on trials evolution, without giving a mention to some great friends, new and old, that are from Germany. As it stands, there are probably 12 or so now that have totally made friends with each other, and brought some really nice track builds to track central. I've known at least 4 of the guys since Trials HD and have had them on my friends list ever since. Always play tracks that iv'e built, and give feedback over this last few years, as have i to them. The forum and the more active members, have a mutual respect for each other. Its all part of the game, and with building especially.I like to think that there;s an unwritten rule between the forum community members.It's like a code of practice.Its down to showing respect for your fellow builders. After all, we all strive for the same things. We love to build, and love to play trials on a daily basis.

                 Some of the German lads have recently teamed up and done some team building tracks. This is where you share 1 account between a certain few. I myself have collaberated on a team account and built a track. It was with the 'sons of trials' team, which is owned by barrybarfly, and Nas T 65 is his kind of partner on the account.Its a great way to learn different techniques when it comes to building because you all bring your strengths to the table.So long as your able to give and take, then it runs sweetly. The teams that have come from my German friends up to date are called :-

  1. MuttisLieblinge - Trialsprojekt.
They have their own thread in the forum too.I will post the links below, so if your a trials fan from Germany, then you could say hello to the guys.Forum links are:-


                  One last thing before i end this post is to say a massive well done on your RedLynx pick recently guys, and tons of respect from to you all..Its not a game, Its a way of life.....

My YouTube Videos HERE.

                 A fully working video player that is set to my channels uploads.All my trial's Evolution uploads are on this player.All the buttons work correctly too.All the buttons are in the usual place except an additional 'playlist' button.Click this to show thumb nails of all videos within the playlist, and they side scrll along the bottom of the video player area.

Community projects for Trials Evo

                   What to expect this summer.

Community projects.

                                A few of the Redlynx forum members have got together in an effort to keep all trials riders on xbox well  entertained this summer, and possibly beyond. Myself and a fellow 'TRUEFAN', vladiiiii, are starting up our own community driven trials evolution channel very soon. I'm just waiting to receive my P.V.R capture device, which i won in a competition a few weeks ago.We plan to do live streaming sessions through my Twitch-TV account,Competitions, special guests in a party up and play,highs and lows of the week, and much, much more.I know that there are other you-tubers out there that are already doing something similar, but our unique point is that its all about the riders and active forum members.I will come up with a rota nearer the time, and give a month by month timetable of whats happening, and to who is taking part.I will keep this updated as soon as i know for a fact as to when i can officially announce it. I hope that people get involved, and help to make it something special as i'm sure it will be.

                                          I like to be involved with anything that goes on in the forums when it concerns us all. I see the community as a big and happy group, as we all share one important thing.Trials Evolution.
                                           One great channel has started up already. Its aimed at the more skilled riders, and it headed by a well known trialer, and T.F. 'Retribution'. We both got talking not so long back, and today he released his first episode of whats looking like its going to be a great feature.Its called 'Speedrun/Ninja run of the week'.I just helped with the video editing side of it, and its run totally by retribution.He has a youtube channel full of trials content.Check out the link for more.
AmpTrials Channel

This is a video of the first episode.I hope you enjoy it.Be sure to give it a look....

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Quick Links

This is my youtube channels video list that i have embed into this page.

Trials Evolution Track Building guide.

              How To Build A Good Track.

 A building guide.

 This is my own opinions, and how i set about building tracks. 

                                 As Custom track builders, we take it serious. For a majority of trials forum goers, Building a GREAT track is a lot of trialers ambitions. I would say that 90% of the people that visit the forum, and stay active, are purely there for the building aspect, and to learn. There is just one problem that we all overlook. Everyone has their own opinions as to what makes a great track, and everybody builds differently. Some will say that its decoration, others will say the driving line.Well, as far as I'm concerned, its a mixture of both, but also, lighting and atmosphere play a key roll too. Even sound could spoil a track if not used at all, or used in a stupid manner, that doesn't make sense. I'm not talking about gimmicky tracks though. I'm going to explain in my own opinion as to what I think it takes, to build a great track. I will give a detailed account, and step by step instructions on dos and don'ts. A few things that are note worthy first off is to have pen and paper handy at all times. You never know when you get an idea for your track. Sometimes, this could just entail an image flash in your mind, that will then turn into a good idea. This is where the paper comes in handy. Chances are that you will not remember every idea that springs to mind, so get it written down. Like i said at the start, building is a serious game, and you really need to take it this way.Once your in the mindset that your wanting to build, then ideas will come to any person that takes it serious, at any point of time. In fact, for me, once i'm ready, i don't think about anything else hardly.I constantly try to figure out ways to come up with unique or good ideas, as you don't want your track to look like the last one, or anyone else's for that matter.
                             So, with all this in mind, and remember that this is my opinion, and the way i build.For a start, i always aim to build a true trials track. All this means, is that it looks real. I try to base tracks of things that i think could look like they should in real life. I always start by getting a theme for a track. A theme that i will continue consistently throughout my track so it gives the rider a sense of reality, and depth, and this way they will enjoy that track. This is all based on the track being of medium difficulty too.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Morfyboy and RedLynx Picks.

                        RedLynx Picks.

 Track Picks.

                     Once a week,redlynx put some custom built tracks in a feed on track Central.This particular feed, is called the 'True Trials' picks, or ,Track of the Week as it was once known as.I would say that evry builder out there that takes it serious, wants one of these picks.To get one, your track has to meet to a criteria set by some of the team at redlynx.With it being a ,true trials, track, this means :-

  1. No gimmicks.
  2. Themed on reality.
  3. Well construct and Consistent throughout.
  4. Lightiing has to work.(i.e.shadows need to show correctly).
  5. Driving line has to be fun,interesting ans solid.
  6. No out of place objects, or overlaying of objects used.
                               If you can meet these criteria set out, then, in my opinion, this is what makes, or should make a track of the week.There is so much competition out there too.The amount of great builders there is , is definately unreal.This is a good thing though. It fills Track Central up with good to great tracks.If theres a community driven custom buiding competition on as well, then its a delight for the trials fans as they have the best tracks to run.I ve always tried to do my best, but its suprising that if you are willing to put the time and effort into building,you naturally get better.You start to learn and understand things more.Getting other trialers opinions and feedback is a great way to learn.In the forum that redlynx have, it is full of helpful trialers, that are willing to help with anything.
                        So it brings me to this.After just over a year of trying, i got a R.L.Pick this week.I'm made up.To me, a pick is as good as redlynx saying to you that your good enough to build for them.I know this might seem dramatic, but i bet that im not the only person that thinks this way.So redlynx, thankyou for aknowledging my hard work and efforts.It was a pleasure.

Next post will be a tutorial for building a track from start to finish, from my opinion....

Trialers on Youtube.

                    Trials and YouTube.

 YouTubers worth watching.

             There are hundreds of Trials Evolution fans out there now that use YouTube as a way to promote their tracks.Since the 'GOLD' on the p.c. more and more have started their own channels as on the p.c. it comes with a built in game option to upload directly to youtube.I know for a fact that this is just 'a honeymoon period' as its a new concept to people.They will soon get bored once they move onto another game, but for those of us that have totally dedicated all our time to build our channels as respectable places to come and watch decent videos, this for the time being has caused losses in views most probably.
               I have a motto in life that i like to stick too.' If it ain't broke,Don't fix it.' So, what i,m trying to say is to stick to those that you know do the best work, and that are always reliable with good content, and quality videos.I suppose my purpose for writing this blog is to leave links to the best channels on YouTube, that have regular content uploaded.There are a heck of alot of the trials community that take their YouTube channels very seriously indeed. They are very proffesional in the ways and manners that they work with their channels.I too am like this.Once i commit to something, i like to put 110% in, and no less.Whats the point in doing something half, hearted..Below are a few YouTubers who i consider friends, and Who i recommend watching, purely because of quality and quantity..

           So, if its Trials content your after, then they are some of the best places to go.

Friday, May 03, 2013

It just Keeps getting Better.

                 Whats coming up next.

Crispy Squirrel..
                             So, now the anniversary has been and gone, and with trials evolution now out on P.C., its left a few xbox users only asking whats next? Are we going to get a DLC at some point? Have we been put on hold now?? Well, these are a couple of the many questions and worries of the true, die hard fans of the game that are still motivated to build tracks and to run them. I must admit, that, when Trials evolution GOLD came out for the P.C., made me turn very jealous. I Was jealous at the fact that GOLD was getting all the attention from RedLynx, and I felt abandond. What a strange thing to happen, and over a computer game. This is why a lot of the,vets, of trials say that trials isn't just a game, its a life style. I totally get that now. Its also because I feel I've built up a good friendship with a few of the team, and many friends with the forum. I suppose I thought it was all going to stop. So, this got me thinking.

my youtube videos