Friday, July 19, 2013

Trials Evo Competition time

                    Muttis Gone Wild

Trials competition.
                With a quiet few months in the forums, out of the blue, my German friends that are collectively known as MuttisLieblinge-Trialsprojektz, are bringing a kick arse custom track building competition. I say this because of the prizes that these guys are putting up.
  • 1st - Monty Kamel BMX bike, 4200 msp, Hoodie and a controller.
  • 2nd - Hoodie, 2400 msp, and a controller.
  • 3rd - Hoodie, and a controller.
and the list goes on.
       What awesome prizes.These guys have a real passion for the game and building. I've had a few of the guys on my Friends List since trials HD. This is how close we keep our friends on this game. Every builder who is highly rated by others will always have a full friends list of other top builders. Its easier this way for us all to keep up to date with the very latest, best tracks.
        I put together a promo video for the competition.All details of the links to the competition thread, are in the video description.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Trials Fusion.Next Gen

            Its Trials Time baby....

Trials fusion. 

          With there being so much unrest and doubt a month ago over the future of the Trials brand we all love, Then came the E-3 announcement of Trials Fusion.The third game in the series that is on a console, but this time its going to be multi-platform and next gen.
         As any Trials nut would tell you, or at least from my point, i hoped that the E-3 would bring this news.I even anticipated that it would be a multi platform game too.My feelings are that this is where UBISOFT might have played their key part.Now that Redlynx have, in essence, teamed with ubisoft, this has certainly opened many more doors for them as a business.This is only a good thing for trials fans alike, as it should bring in more revenue from a wider audience,which will hopefully keep bringing trials games.So, in terms of this partnership,I say just keep doing what your doing.
       So, trials fusion as been ear-marked as a 2014 release.This got me thinking a little.I thought 'what would be a good release date,or i wonder when its due?'
Well, i have my own thoughts on this, but what do you think?
        This new trials game is coming with a new 'trick' system, which probably got a bit of a bad reception at first glance from the most die hard fans of trials.I admit that i myself went on twitter and posted about the trick system, and that i didn't know whether or not it would be a good idea.Well, the more iv'e thought about it, the more iv'e come round to the idea.And lets face it, when had Redlynx ever let us down before. They have won awards for their work, so i just can't see them ruining a fantastic brand.The team are awesome at what they do.I have nothing but total faith in them.
      There is no point in Redlynx as a business, repeating what they have already.I'm certain that once people start to play the new trials with it's tricks, then they wont look back.To me, its 'Added fun' and people need to stop worrying.After all, there are tracks in track central that are skill based, so it's not massively different.

      So all in all, 2014 Trials Fusion will be another winner for redlynx, And also will get a million more players and fans alike.
Thankyou guys.
You've got me for another few years..

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