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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trials Anniversary.1 Year old

                   A Year Trialing                       


                 Its coming up to 1 year since trials was released. For me, this has brought me nothing but good things. I knew i would love the game, and so my year began.
                 In April of 2012 there was a real buzz in the Redlynx forums. The release of trials evolution was here.The follow up to the best arcade game title of trials HD, Evo was a totally different concept to its younger brother. This time, riders could ride outside in an open 3d world. We could do so much more in the editor too.Different tools to learn, different bikes to ride, etc..Such a gorgeous looking game too, with graphics and physics to match any other biking game available on console.
              The community that is trials were on a real high.The biggest feature in my opinion was the track building editor, and what it was capable of doing.Straight away, people were building mind blowing tracks that every one could play because of the track central.Track central was another anticipated feature that people were looking forward to, in abundance, and purely because you weren,t limited to just your friends lists custom tracks. At first, i totally found the editors tools very over whelming. I took it upon myself to dig in, and to make sure to get to now every inch of the editor. Still, a year on, i think im 90% knowledged as to what does what in the editor..There are still a few things i do not understand, but if i have to play and learn it in another years time, then that is what i will do.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A trialers wife...

                         The rough end of the deal...

 My missus,The trials fan.

          I feel so lucky that my missus of 15 years puts up with my love for trials evolution. As a 40 year old, i never thought that i would still be playing on computers.Its not so much the console, but more the game.Since games started to emerge, and come with a built in custom editor, i totally feel that they started off a whole new craze of gamer's.All gamer's that like these custom editors are, in my opinion, talented and artistic people.Its another way for us to express ourselves in the comfort of our homes.But where and when does this stop?
     As i said, i have a brilliant partner that even tests my trials evo' tracks in the way of watching me build, then give her opinion..9 times out of 10 , she gets it spot on..Things i don't see in the driving line, or a certain way i layed out an obstacle.She has an opinion on everything to do with building.Even though she has never touched the editor herself..Shes my best, worst critic.I hate her telling me to change something, and after a days arguing, i end up changing it to what she had suggested..But, is this the rough end of a relationship with kids..I beg the question.The more i'm building at this point in time, the more i seem to get out of it.My partner gets neglected too..I would never put up with this.I must just have the perfect woman.
      This quick blogg is more of a thankyou to her.For the last 3 years, but more this last year.I have dedicated so much time into trials, so much effort on media sites, its unreal..But i love every second of it..Thankyou very much Don, and the same to Redlynx....

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trials evo.DERBY DAY

                      DERBY DAY.

      This turned out to be the name of the trials evo track, or game, that i have just finished.Unfortunately, due to the complex coding invloved, once i released it, i found that there was issues in the game that i had not addressed properly.It doesnt matter though because having already spent 60+ hours on this, then whats a few more to get it right.I have asked for it to be removed as its a broken game, and im going to concentrate again on it later tonight.I have a full book of blanc paper, so as i go along  slowly, from left to right, i will jot down all that needs doing correctly..Every major part of the coding does actually work..All the betting system is correct.The random winning car was my best learning curve.I was given a code by a friend that would randomise 1 car from the others.This car was going to be the winner.There was a problem....All other cars finished past the finish line together after the first placed car..I didnt want it like this.So, i took some finishing times, that were not the same as the winners finishing times, and randomised them 5 times..i then took a set value event to take a number from an ever randomising tile, so that each of the cars would cross the finish at different times..I did it..and, it was/is successful every time..So this isnt the issues im having..Its daft, stupid little things that i should have took more care over..A lesson learnt...

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