Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trials evo.DERBY DAY

                      DERBY DAY.

      This turned out to be the name of the trials evo track, or game, that i have just finished.Unfortunately, due to the complex coding invloved, once i released it, i found that there was issues in the game that i had not addressed properly.It doesnt matter though because having already spent 60+ hours on this, then whats a few more to get it right.I have asked for it to be removed as its a broken game, and im going to concentrate again on it later tonight.I have a full book of blanc paper, so as i go along  slowly, from left to right, i will jot down all that needs doing correctly..Every major part of the coding does actually work..All the betting system is correct.The random winning car was my best learning curve.I was given a code by a friend that would randomise 1 car from the others.This car was going to be the winner.There was a problem....All other cars finished past the finish line together after the first placed car..I didnt want it like this.So, i took some finishing times, that were not the same as the winners finishing times, and randomised them 5 times..i then took a set value event to take a number from an ever randomising tile, so that each of the cars would cross the finish at different times..I did it..and, it was/is successful every time..So this isnt the issues im having..Its daft, stupid little things that i should have took more care over..A lesson learnt...

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