Monday, March 25, 2013

Trials Editor.Trials tracks/skill games

            Trials evo and the editor...

                 As a track creator/builder, i consider myself as being a medium difficulty, slight technical lines with flow.Iv'e never actually made an extreme, and iv'e never thought about making any tracks as easy or beginner.As you progress, and get better through gaining experience, and learning lessons from each track you create, there comes a time when you just feel like doing something different. Its like a challenge, but a challenge for yourself.My last track was a 'hard' rated track.This was purely because i made a Donkey only track, and some of the obstacles were rather tricky.I had to mark it as hard, because some people would have really struggled with a few parts in my Drive-Line.I was happy with the outcome.I really used the complexity bar to its maximum, as i added loads of animation in the track.My theme was a subway, and there were platforms that had the train lines running in between them..All the lines were electrically charged, and i also had trains running down the lines..I still felt like a challenge once this track was released, then gone as is the case with every track that ever gets released..
                    I had an idea for a skill game last year, but was no way able to pull it off due to my lack of knowledge using the logic involved..Im now 90% sure of the editor, and have decided to start to make a skill game..Its actually more of a fun game.When i was younger, and fairgrounds visited my town, i always remember a coin machine, that you would bet on horses with 2 pence pieces.It was called, THE DERBY.


The derby coin op from the 70s.

                                 I have started to build something similar to this in the trials evolution editor. I'm putting a twist in it though.Instead of horses, i'm using cars.Its very early stages yet. Iv'e managed to build the arena, set the track out with the cars.I have also started to put my knowledge of logic into the track straight from the off..Hopefully, i will be able to have the game play where as the player will be able to make a bet or two,per turn,and at different odds.This is where it gets tricky.There is alot of maths and equations involved in a betting system to work properly, whether its real life or especially a computer game..So, i have set the bar really high for myself.If i manage to succeed, i will teach myself, and learn from others a heck of alot of how computers work to give images etc..I will re-post another blog as soon as its complete..The game will be called DERBY DAY. I don't know when it will be released, but i'm confident, and i'm motivated..Fingers crossed..

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