Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Redlynx Forum community competitions

           Community Competitions are go.

Custom Competitions...

                                                                               As i have stated before, the Redlynx forum plays a massive part in the day to day lives of  trials evolution players, that are true die hard fans of the game.Its due to the game including its own editor, to enable any player to build tracks.This is taken very seriously by the regular forum fans.Like with anything else that is constructive, it's done in a very  professional manner as it has been since the Trials H.D days.

Community comps' with details....

                                   Some members have got together and started up some really good building competitions.Its an effort to keep the more stronger and better track builders to keep building, and to produce their very best tracks for Track Central.This in turn is passed on to every player that has the game, and benefits everyone because it means they get to run on great tracks, rather than the bigger percentage of tracks that are released that are basic pile of rubbish.That is understandable though.Not everyone takes the game seriously, like a big group do.
                  All this said, my reason for this post is to promote the current, and active forum competitions that are running.There is a link below that will take you directly to the Redlynx forum that holds all the details of every competition, with rules and prizes.The prizes that are on offer, over 5 competitions, run into tens of thousands of M/S points,as well as 12 month gold memberships,custom joy-pads, tea-shirts and posters with custom Gamer-tags on them.If you think you are a good builder, then you have nothing to loose by entering..I myself have entered..Its to good not to be part of..Also, with all the tracks entered in the individual competitions, are being put on a video montage which i'm doing myself. Its a true meaning of team work and friendships all running side by side.

Follow this link for details.Good Luck.



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