Monday, March 25, 2013

Trials Editor.Trials tracks/skill games

            Trials evo and the editor...

                 As a track creator/builder, i consider myself as being a medium difficulty, slight technical lines with flow.Iv'e never actually made an extreme, and iv'e never thought about making any tracks as easy or beginner.As you progress, and get better through gaining experience, and learning lessons from each track you create, there comes a time when you just feel like doing something different. Its like a challenge, but a challenge for yourself.My last track was a 'hard' rated track.This was purely because i made a Donkey only track, and some of the obstacles were rather tricky.I had to mark it as hard, because some people would have really struggled with a few parts in my Drive-Line.I was happy with the outcome.I really used the complexity bar to its maximum, as i added loads of animation in the track.My theme was a subway, and there were platforms that had the train lines running in between them..All the lines were electrically charged, and i also had trains running down the lines..I still felt like a challenge once this track was released, then gone as is the case with every track that ever gets released..
                    I had an idea for a skill game last year, but was no way able to pull it off due to my lack of knowledge using the logic involved..Im now 90% sure of the editor, and have decided to start to make a skill game..Its actually more of a fun game.When i was younger, and fairgrounds visited my town, i always remember a coin machine, that you would bet on horses with 2 pence pieces.It was called, THE DERBY.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trials Evolution building competition


Trials evo' building comp'

                It seems only right that i add this post to my blog. After-all,this was the first trials evolution community inspired track building competition..This was hosted by a well known trialer, D.J TwItChY. A seasoned vet that has played and built on both trials games.
                This competition ran towards the end of 2012.The forum at the time was buzzing.This is what it gets all regular active members like..It comes alive..For this comp', there were 4 judges in total.
  1. DJ 2wItChY
  2. Morrillo
  3. Zerofault
  4. Xzamples
              He had a scoring system in place for this comp.The scores ranged from theme to detail, and from medal times to checkpoint placement.Everything was covered.The prizes for this were :-
  • 4200 msp and a controller
  • 2100 mspoints
  • 800 mspoints
  • and a random lucky dip for 800 ms points

Friday, March 22, 2013

Redlynx.(I got picked)

                                   Redlynx Picks.


                              Every week, Redlynx choose the best community built tracks that get nominated in their forum,and put usually 3 tracks up in a special feed in track central.This is kind of like an honor, as it shows that you, as a builder, have impressed not only your friends, but also the redlynx people themselves.Once these tracks have been picked, and show up in the feed, they are there for months.Everybody gets to see your creation,but more importantly,play it..           There is a forum thread specially for nominations.You mostly find the same gamertags getting nominated.I like to think that this is due to them making outstanding tracks, but a small percentage is purely down to friends nominating friends.These tracks will certainly never get picked, unless they are worthy..Things that Redlynx look for in a track is
  1. A good theme
  1. Neat and tidy detail
  1. A nice,fun driveline
  1. Lighting (good use of it)
  1. originality.
                         This is just my thoughts,and NOT redlynx, but being a massive fan of trials, you get to learn certain aspects of how redlynx think, or operate..After all, we all want the same things out of tracks.Below, is a link to RLTV on youtube, and a video from the R.L. pick. I will go into more detail about R.L.Picks, and also about track building itself.

I was lucky enough to get on this episode, and race against the host cannibal shogun, on the tracks that got picked..I LOST...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trials Evo xbox.New competition..

             New Competition Starting..

                        Now that the C.T.C. has ended, there is another comp' started for the 12 month anniversary of the release of Trials Evolution.The custom track building competition,originially thought up by morrillo, has now been taken over by Mentalhobbit.This competition sign up has started already, and builders wanting to take part need to sign up by the end of this month to be included, and get 1 month to build their tracks.There will be 5 judges for this comp.The judging team for this one are :-
  1. Mentalhobbit
  2. Jook13
  3. morfyboy (me)
  4. h3x23
  5. Nas t 65

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trials Evolution C.T.C winners list.

                    C.T.C. Winners and List.

                                          This is the full list of the names (gamertags) of all the creators, including the name of the track they built.This is also the list in order of position in the competition...
Full marks to all the hard work,time, and money spent on this competition..Well done indeed..
1. TheMovement81 - THE BITTER END - RedLynx Pure Trials Pick
2. DJ 2wItchY - Lumber up
3. SmEgHeAd89 - Hell of a ride
4. MaTi Sp0rT - The Golden Sword
5. (TIE) Audio Additive - KONFLICT 3 - RedLynx Pure Trials Pick
5. (TIE) BadlogBrown - BL: Port Royal
6. oXCuBXo - The Lie ? - RedLynx Pure Trials Pick
7. FLYER80 - FL: Summit Else
8. ll ManOnFire ll - Tainted - RedLynx Pure Trials Pick
9. HanfRay - HellRay's R. - RedLynx Pure Fun Pick
10. jook13 - In Diana Jones
11. cKz Kalipso v (Riot) - Dopamine - RedLynx Pure Trials Pick
12. the emcee - Air.Craft - RedLynx Pure Trials Pick
13. Mentalhobbit - Pariah (dead space)
14. kid m p c - inDUSTrial - RedLynx Pure Trials Pick
15. buttcheekofdeth - Higher Learning
16. Loot Monkey - Nocturne
18. Nytmair - F.Y.I.
19. JesusMauler - Effect Horizon
20. Monstified - Weekday Cleanup'
21. KaliniuS - Frozen in Time - TETS #37
22. LitTlE x JeZuZ - Point Meets Point
23. morfyboy - Iron Horse
24. HG x KuSH - Sunken Ruins
25. Cruelty976 - Reign In Blood
26. Fernanjoe - Squaresville.
27. Souzr - Decedent
28. STR8TBLAZIN - FORT-ifacation
29. DudozinoUziko - Tomorrow's Suburb
30. Barrybarfly - This Place - RedLynx Pure Trials Pick
31. N7 Noob - Midnight Mine
32. b2c3 - Family Game Night!
33. Halomann2oo9 - Price On Your Head
34. GAS PR1CES - Midnight Moonlight
35. B00ME - "Garden Falls"
36. OpossumBlase - Forgotten Dock
37. PuRpLE oOzi - Retroozi' Warehouse
38. tenthousandstig - End Mills
39. imme1986 - Vice City
40. ZeroFault - The Hive
41. MasterBlasterX - Dream Sequence
42. Hannibal Actor - UltimateAddiction#2
43. DOTSTAR360 - Croco-Trial-Dundee
44. Lukeyy19 - The Lost Skyworlds
45. Hp venomZ - Forsakin'
46. MrBones1872000 - Waste Disposal
47. Kojax128 - End of the World 4
48. cris tan10 - The Village
49. scapegoat9595 - Hydra Race
50. Rock Denver - Mt. Lavalopoulos

Trials Evolution custom track-The TUBE(all bikes)-by morfyboy

                          The Tube.(all BIKES)

                     My latest track..Released today.Its a remake of The Tube, which was a donkey only track,but by popular request from the redlynx community members, i've released it with the availability of the other bikes..Its medium difficulty, with a fast ,flowing drive-line..There is also hidden rooms and easter egg shout-outs.check it out on track central now..D.L.C required.                                                      


Monday, March 18, 2013

C.T.C. video announcment

                           C.T.C Results..

Winners announced through a video....

                             So, its been a long few days 3 for the judges that have been kept busy, judging the 51 track entries, to narrow them down to just 5 winners.All the tracks were of very high standard, and of equal praise.What makes one stand out from the other ?? This being just one question the judges will have asked themselves more than once.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trials Evo/ Community Competition

     A Vladi Competition.

                      Today marks the last day of a track building competition that was held by a redlynx forum community member ,Vladi..In total,45 tracks have been entered which means in terms of hours spent in the editor from trials evo', must be several hundred. This is a fantastic effort, and by far, up to date,is the biggest building competition ever done on Trials Evoltution. I think that the prizes on offer were very appealling for the builders, and to have such amazing, costly gifts means that Vladi and others alike, are true members devoted to making every ones trials experience, one of the best.Here is whats on offer for the lucky winner(s) of this comp' the C.T.C.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

YouTube and Trials Evolution.

       YouTube Channels

Youtube and trials...

                                                                  Alot of Gamer's nowadays seem to be taking advantage of youtube, and starting their own gaming channels, Myself included.These other channels unlike mine, are based on more than one game,which is great for people to watch and see different types of games available to buy.Once i started my channel, i wanted it to be a media site full of content including links etc, and for it to be all based on the same thing.This is why i started my dedicated to trials channel..It is a library of everything i do in terms of trials HD, and now Evolution.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Trials Evolution,OTHG..


Over The Hill Gang.

                              This group was the idea of BIG BOWE. He has a few groups on different games on the xbox under the same name.Its an active group of age 30+, that have become good mates.We all build tracks together,party up to have a crack,and basicly have fun.As a group, we race 4 tracks every week.3 mediums, and 1 hard.there used to be a leader-board for  the tracks, but the gang on a whole prefferred the idea of not being competative..Due to the age being 30+, it meant that we all have families, and taking it to serious would distract us from our every day lives.That would not be a good thing as most of us have kid's.There's no pressure on any members this way, which works great...

                           In the forum, the OTHG has its own thread so we can all post, and make comments without clogging up the forum..If you check out some of the conversation, you will notice that its 90% bollocks...Its a place for us pensioner gamer's to go and sound off and have our rants without desturbing anyone else..As the saying goes, ' Its better to be Over the Hill, than under it.' If you have a look, you'll find that we all just love to have fun.

see you on the leaderboards.
          check this link to view the forum thread.
.Forum thread                              

Friday, March 01, 2013

Birthday wishes from Redlynx friends....

                      My 40th Birthday  wishes.

            So,iv'e spoke about how important Trials Evolution is in my life right at this moment in time.I also have spoken about the Trials forum, and how great it is to be an active member.Well, on the 27th February, it was my 40th birthday..To me, this is just another day,as i'm getting older now..I logged into the forum as usual, to see what was going on, and i see this thread which read,

                            HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY MORFYBOY.

                   link:-  Happy Birthday to me..
         What a brilliant supprise i got..Its so great to feel i have made a load of friends, including from the guys i consider to be the best of the best in terms of riding and building.Even receiving a well wish from the R.L. community manager, and R.L.T.V. host was just amazing..After 3 years of being in this forum, i now totally feel that i'm a respected person.For anyone that are in forums will understand what i am saying ,when i say this, because it is so hard to be heard in these places without making a right idiot of yourself..So i say to these guys and everyone else,  "thank-you...You guys rock."
Especially to vladiiiiii..A fellow T.F. that got the thread started.

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