Monday, March 18, 2013

C.T.C. video announcment

                           C.T.C Results..

Winners announced through a video....

                             So, its been a long few days 3 for the judges that have been kept busy, judging the 51 track entries, to narrow them down to just 5 winners.All the tracks were of very high standard, and of equal praise.What makes one stand out from the other ?? This being just one question the judges will have asked themselves more than once.

                                                                                                                The forum is teaming with comments and posts asking who won.Its been a brilliant competition, for the trials community,for redlynx as a gaming company, and especially for vladiiii, who hosted this competition and has just been awarded a prestigious award, TRUE FAN..This is given out by ANBA and redlynx as a thankyou to trials evo community members that go above and beyond just playing the game.In the LeaderBoards that they run, the TRUE FANS get a little T.F. icon above their gamer-tags..Looks well cool..

           This is the Forum Thread link..This is where it all happened..
and below is a link to vladiiiis youtube channel..

               There is also a playlist available of all the tracks.I did a montage which is in the blog below, but vladiiii also did one which is included in the playlist.You can view it here :-

all information on this event can be found through all links provided..
So, here it is.The top 5 winning tracks..Well done guys..well done vladiii..Thnx to WILLYUMZ and NorfaiR76.(judges)

look out for more competitions which are continuosly running in the redlynx forum by the community..

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