Monday, February 25, 2013

RedLynx and Forums.

             RedLynx and the forum.

           I have played both Trials HD/EVO for the last 3 years, and have really enjoyed it to a point that i joined their forum. I've met loads of decent people, and many good friends through this place.

RedLynx unofficial Wallpaper.
             If you have played,Trials Evolution for a while now, and are really into the building, then the Redlynx Forum is the place for you.There are many useful topics on building,including google spreadsheets,documents etc on how to use the logic that comes with the editor.The forum is very well known through other forums for being so proffessional..Its also a very relaxed place where your totally entitled to your opinions without getting shot down for it,and can also speak your mind.The only rule,is you must Respect other members.All i can say now is that the link below is to the forum, and website..check it out.

Redlynx Forum Link

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