Friday, May 03, 2013

It just Keeps getting Better.

                 Whats coming up next.

Crispy Squirrel..
                             So, now the anniversary has been and gone, and with trials evolution now out on P.C., its left a few xbox users only asking whats next? Are we going to get a DLC at some point? Have we been put on hold now?? Well, these are a couple of the many questions and worries of the true, die hard fans of the game that are still motivated to build tracks and to run them. I must admit, that, when Trials evolution GOLD came out for the P.C., made me turn very jealous. I Was jealous at the fact that GOLD was getting all the attention from RedLynx, and I felt abandond. What a strange thing to happen, and over a computer game. This is why a lot of the,vets, of trials say that trials isn't just a game, its a life style. I totally get that now. Its also because I feel I've built up a good friendship with a few of the team, and many friends with the forum. I suppose I thought it was all going to stop. So, this got me thinking.

          "What can I do to inject some life back into trials on the xbox, and try to keep people interested." My answer was something I've been working on for the past 6 months or so. I figured that if i had a Hauppauge P.V.R, then I could do videos, as well as live stream. But, I couldn't afford one with having a family. I entered a lot of competitions, but with no luck. Then, its as if the gods were looking down on me that week because a twitter buddy, (@mattshotcha), decided to give his slightly used P.V.R away, but as a competition. He wanted people that were interested to send in a video of why they should win. The video had to include game play footage, and it could be from any device, phones included. I had an advantage here as I used an I-Pod to record my videos at first, and moved onto windows live movie maker. I put something together, Sent it to him, and 3 weeks later, got a tweet saying I had won. This all happened just last week. I'm buzzing for it to come. I have got my twitch TV account up to date, and have asked a few guys from the forum to join in doing some videos. In actual fact, its gone one better than that as we are going to do a community type channel now. Tutorials, speed-builds, Guest star Q N As, partying up with some members on different occasions......Its going to be a lot of fun. So, from feeling so low, to feeling on top of the world, all I can say is, "It just keeps getting better."
          Also, there's more to come.
                            Thank you to all that put up with me in a cool manner these last few months.Special thank you to my wingman (MR B). Big shout to shifty and cannibal for their efforts in the Forum, and for donating prizes to the A.C.C.(A competition). And a hugh thnx to mattshotcha for the PVR...
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