Sunday, May 05, 2013

Trialers on Youtube.

                    Trials and YouTube.

 YouTubers worth watching.

             There are hundreds of Trials Evolution fans out there now that use YouTube as a way to promote their tracks.Since the 'GOLD' on the p.c. more and more have started their own channels as on the p.c. it comes with a built in game option to upload directly to youtube.I know for a fact that this is just 'a honeymoon period' as its a new concept to people.They will soon get bored once they move onto another game, but for those of us that have totally dedicated all our time to build our channels as respectable places to come and watch decent videos, this for the time being has caused losses in views most probably.
               I have a motto in life that i like to stick too.' If it ain't broke,Don't fix it.' So, what i,m trying to say is to stick to those that you know do the best work, and that are always reliable with good content, and quality videos.I suppose my purpose for writing this blog is to leave links to the best channels on YouTube, that have regular content uploaded.There are a heck of alot of the trials community that take their YouTube channels very seriously indeed. They are very proffesional in the ways and manners that they work with their channels.I too am like this.Once i commit to something, i like to put 110% in, and no less.Whats the point in doing something half, hearted..Below are a few YouTubers who i consider friends, and Who i recommend watching, purely because of quality and quantity..

           So, if its Trials content your after, then they are some of the best places to go.

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