Sunday, May 05, 2013

Morfyboy and RedLynx Picks.

                        RedLynx Picks.

 Track Picks.

                     Once a week,redlynx put some custom built tracks in a feed on track Central.This particular feed, is called the 'True Trials' picks, or ,Track of the Week as it was once known as.I would say that evry builder out there that takes it serious, wants one of these picks.To get one, your track has to meet to a criteria set by some of the team at redlynx.With it being a ,true trials, track, this means :-

  1. No gimmicks.
  2. Themed on reality.
  3. Well construct and Consistent throughout.
  4. Lightiing has to work.(i.e.shadows need to show correctly).
  5. Driving line has to be fun,interesting ans solid.
  6. No out of place objects, or overlaying of objects used.
                               If you can meet these criteria set out, then, in my opinion, this is what makes, or should make a track of the week.There is so much competition out there too.The amount of great builders there is , is definately unreal.This is a good thing though. It fills Track Central up with good to great tracks.If theres a community driven custom buiding competition on as well, then its a delight for the trials fans as they have the best tracks to run.I ve always tried to do my best, but its suprising that if you are willing to put the time and effort into building,you naturally get better.You start to learn and understand things more.Getting other trialers opinions and feedback is a great way to learn.In the forum that redlynx have, it is full of helpful trialers, that are willing to help with anything.
                        So it brings me to this.After just over a year of trying, i got a R.L.Pick this week.I'm made up.To me, a pick is as good as redlynx saying to you that your good enough to build for them.I know this might seem dramatic, but i bet that im not the only person that thinks this way.So redlynx, thankyou for aknowledging my hard work and efforts.It was a pleasure.

Next post will be a tutorial for building a track from start to finish, from my opinion....

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