Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A day to remember.



Wearing it with pride..


                     This is a day that will stick with me forever.20th October 2012.Who would have thought it would cause so much controversy.I talking about the True Fan award.
                   I didn't ever think i would get one this quick or even at all.I remember in the first episode, seeing the other guys getting theirs, and i thought then,
"i want one..What can i do to earn one?"
                 Well, i just went on an offensive, but in a quiet way.I had already started on montages for the community,so i just increased my work load.I also offered my services in the forum.I offered to do images and videos for anyone that wanted them.I even started to post a comical series of images, but with my head on the body of things. I thought, this will show people that i have a sense of humour, that i don't take myself serious, and that RedLynx might see them, and look at what i'm up to in general.It must have worked.I set out to get one, and made sure that i was in with a chance.
I got up that day, and on my twitter was a message from E.F. saying,
"Drop everything,Watch R.L.T.V NOW."
At first, i thought i was to do with the D.L.C. but then i saw my name.I thought,
"wow,they have shown my youtube channel on R.L.T.V."
And then, cannibal mentioned True Fan awards.My name was right at the top of the list.Probably meant nothing being at the top, but not to me.I was so over joyed at that point.When i think about it now, and i remember, i still get shivers down my spine..

But then this.

                Unfortunately, i went into the forums as i did everyday, to an eruption of other riders kicking off that it should not have been done this way.There were statements like,"Why should only a few youtubers get it when there are loads of them out there."
              The worst part is, i could understand their point, but at the same time, i questioned whether it was right that some people would go about it the way they did.I felt like i didn't deserve it.I knew there were others in the forum that have been around for a good few more years than me.At that point, i had been part of the forum for 2 years.People presumed i had only just joined when trials evo' came out.I know this due to getting told it.It was a mixture of ups and downs on that day.All i could do is hold my head up high, and carry on doing what i was doing.So that is exactly what i did.Its still an award that will always carry it controversy, but that's the same with anything.I also know that there are still 1 or 2 people out there that hate the fact of how the T.F's were given out, or rather, why they weren't given to them...
              I'm also glad that 99% of the people and community tell me that in their opinions, they think i really,truly deserve it.Im so glad about this, because i would hate any ill feeling over this still.Since then, there have been more true fans awarded, and a few who have got it since are my mates, and others i have become mates with.This i am really happy about.

              Thankyou RedLynx, for everything you have done for me.You even supported me when i got some really bad news,at the time i got my T.F. and this i will truly never forget.As i wont forget our weekly races with shifty samurai,we had a blast right? Also your a top fella mate.I know the real you.And you put up with alot from everyone, who i also now consider a good,true friend.Cheers shift..
And to cannibal shogun,The poor guy i would taunt on twitter,i would never stop tweeting, and bugged to bits to the  point he would just give in.
.Then he kicked my arse on R.L.T.V. in a race off..Another good friend..cheers John.
And To all the team at R.L. officially from me to you all, thankyou.

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