Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Anniversary Custom Competition..

        Anniversary Custom Competition..


                       The A.C.C. has ended.All tracks have been submitted as the track builders wait patiently for the results to be released.Being a judge on the panel was not an easy task.Out of the 38 or so entries,i can honestly say that the standard, and quality of the tracks were all excellent.I can see how some builders have really put there creative skills to hand, as i was pleasantly shocked by a few entries because of their quality.Everything done so neat, ranging from the atmosphere, to the driving lines.The only thing i was surprised at, was the lack of the sound source that wasn't used. Alot of the builders lost a mark for not using this.Because the standard was so high, our judging had to be also.We took every factor into account, which included sound.we had to.This makes it alot more fair right across the board.

                    I know it has probably been said a hundred times already, but a massive well done to all the builders that took part in this competition, and also, giving riders on the xbox something excellent to play. I just hope that once the results are out, everyone is happy with them, and congratulate the winners like true trials riders would do.Its that close to call, that all the builders should be proud of their achievement in making this competition one to remember. For a more in depth look at this comp' goto the following link.

                 Just for good measure, here is the link to view all tracks that were built for the competition.

               This is the prize pool on offer :-
  • 1st place:- Trials Evo hoodie and t-shirt (Donated by R.L), A set of trials cards, custom made, a custom designed joypad controller,with gamertag of the winner written into it.A custom designed montage by myself of the winners custom tracks. And lastly, 1500msp.
  • 2nd place:-Trials Evo hoodie (donated by R.L.),a set of 2 art cards,1500msp.
  • 3rd place:-Trials Evo t-shirt (Donated by R.L.), a set of 2 art cards,
  • 4th place:- T.B.A
  • 5th place:- T.B.A
All prizes other than the donated goodies from RedLynx themselves, are all given by the competition host, Mentalhobbit. A special thankyou to him.Also, in true fashion, i must mention morrillo, who's idea this competition was, and the original host.
                       The time given by judges,video recordings,editing etc, is also given by a few forum community members.This is what makes these community competitions so great.Its the fact that its all organised by a few individuals to keep Trials Evolution running, and to make it as great as what it can be.

  "Trials isn't just a game, its a way of life."

               Also want to thank RedLynx for sponsoring this competition by donating such prizes and sort after goodies.They do all they can to join in with their forum community.

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