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Friday, May 17, 2013

Youtube tips and tricks.Vidoes

           Making a better YouTube Channel.

Video Editing.

                      Iv'e been doing alot of research this last week into YouTube, and it's new look, and how can i make this work for my channel better.Not only for myself, but for all my followers too. After all, Its them that make your channel a success.
           Firstly, You need to offer a service that people want.Its a general rule in business, so let us use it on here because the strategies are the same.Your trying to capture a 'market', as in business. As a one topic channel, this is going to be a hundred times harder as it doesn't offer much in variety. Take my channel.Its a dedicated channel to a computer game.This has been done a thousand times before, so now i need to make it as unique as i can.What can i do that is different from other gaming channels? So my quest begins.

            This has brought to to my next point.It is referred to as 'branding'.For me then, i 'brand' my videos by using images,art and animated intros to every video i now put out.I try to make it look as proffessional as i possibly can, but at no cost.I do this by using some great google+ Applications, and they are all free.My main few that i use are:-
  1. Pixlr editor.(excellent for creating great images and wallpapers)
  2. Pixlr express.(For use of touching up and polishing my work)
  3. Google drive.(this is where i keep everything together, and also great for using the app features with the drive itself.Google drawing for example)
  4. Google images.(Ideal for giving some inspiration to an idea).
              These are the main ones i use.I also use all of these within my blogger, which is also from google.As with Youtube, its all linked, and kept together for easy access.This is ideal for me as i'm still learning in terms of video editing e.t.c.
              There are loads of examples of this in the intros to peoples videos.That is where you will get the views and subs you want within the first 5 seconds of your video.If it's neat and tidy, and stands out from others, then your on your way.

              This is an example of using a different, or as unique of an idea to do with my blog topic as possible.Its a video of the in game bike, 'The Gecko'.. I have focused all the video especially one this.

A Gecko only track montage.


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