Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Trials News and round-up

 This last week.

             The 18th saw the final day of the anniversary custom competition.The winners video was done, and released at 10 P.M
U.K. time.There was prizes for the last 5 places, but in 3rd was Loot Monkey, 2nd came FLYER80, and in first place was SmEgHeAd89 with his track Farm Trials.Here is the video montage for the winners places....

                        A deserved win i think you'll all agree.I totally understand that not everyone will agree on the decision.We would live in a weird world if that was the case.I will try to explain it a little. over the scoring, and how it was done.

                     There were five judges, that had to mark down scores on certain criteria.The scores were from 1 to 10 on some, and 1 to 15 on others.Under a score heading of 'Atmosphere', there were another 4 sub-criteria.This was also the case for the Drive-Line too.Under the Drive-Line criteria, 2 of the sub-criteria were the 1 to 15 scores.This was the used this way because the competition was classed as a 'True Trials' competition, and we all felt that there should have been a lean in favour of the driving line.                    The best way to describe this is a 60/40 ratio.
                      Even though this was the case,it would have never affected the outcome.5 judges giving their scores on what they felt met certain things, would have made it different and mixed up anyways.We all know and understand how to score, so this was not a problem.
                 After each of us scored each track, they were all gathered together. Then each of the sub-criteria were all accounted for and totalled and then everything was worked out as an average.This was done so there was no question as to why the scores were the way they were.Also, there is no doubt that all judges would have had different totals for each track. At the end of the day, we all have our own tastes in tracks, which is why 5 judges worked out.
                From my point, and scoring, i personally had tied places right the way through.1st place i had 2 tied. 2nd and 3rd
place i had 3 tied, and they tied on different things to.But, i knew the other judges scores would make this sort itself out.As it turned out, it did.The builders really pulled it out of the bag in terms of quality.It put pressure on us to make sure we got it correct.None of us actually knew who or what the places were until the numbers were done.When i received the winners list, and place positions, it was a little supprising to see, but i'm in no doubt that the places were given in a true and honest fashion.I was absolutely not going to change my mind as to scores, or start to adjust scores.That did not happen at all.I played every track at least 10 times before i give my score.I planned it out from the start that i was going to do it this way.Play the all tracks the same, then score the track, and stick to my first choice.Doing it like this meant the scores were done right for sure, and i for one got peace of mind.It was a mountain of a task though, because of all the superb entries.so, my hat goes off to you all as builders.
                          I know what its like to apply yourself into a great build.Its time consuming.You don't sleep, eat or breathe without thinking about your track your creating. It really burns you out.So, in my eyes, and i know this might come across as a massive cliche, but, everyone who took part is a winner.You truly should be proud..

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