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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Trials Evo series.

                     NEWS THIS WEEK.

Whats happening.
                      Just wanted to take some time and write a proper post on my new trials evolution feature, which has just started very recently.Myself and Retribution decided to work together and do a collaborated, joint series in the trials forum community.             While he had the idea,the know how, etc, i brought the video editing part to the team. 

                      Up to now, we have released just 2 episodes, and they have both been received by other trials evolution riders, very well.Its done really well for us, and that the community are starting to really get into it, and leave good feedback as well as some great ideas on content.We hope to continue to this project for as long as the interest is there.If your one of these riders or trials evolution fans that like the series, then please give a like where ever you see a like icon.This then tells us that people do want to see it.
                   Here is the playlist of the series up to now.check out the skills of these riders.As i like to say, "they are on another level"

                   A big thankyou to Fatshady for providing the stunning into videos..They are brilliant mate.I will post a weekly video and update every week as this continues to run.Thanks to all those that support this venture.

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