Tuesday, March 05, 2013

YouTube and Trials Evolution.

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Youtube and trials...

                                                                  Alot of Gamer's nowadays seem to be taking advantage of youtube, and starting their own gaming channels, Myself included.These other channels unlike mine, are based on more than one game,which is great for people to watch and see different types of games available to buy.Once i started my channel, i wanted it to be a media site full of content including links etc, and for it to be all based on the same thing.This is why i started my dedicated to trials channel..It is a library of everything i do in terms of trials HD, and now Evolution.

                                          Typical content on my youtube channel,(My Youtube) is my own tracks that i built, then recorded for viewing and promotion purposes.Now ive started to do more video editing, i have started to included Trials evo' track montages.These montages are from random choices to ' creators spotlight '.The 'spotlight' souley focuses on one creator that has built some of the better custom tracks that can be found on track central.Their work as builders is so professional to look at as well as ride on.It also gives them some promotion as it is really hard for these builders to show off their work.
                            Other content that i have on my feature page on youtube, are links to other trials enthusiasts that promote their or others work.Some youtubers dont even build tracks, but still run a successful channel.One good friend of mine has a catalogue of some of the best trials custom tracks since Evo came out.His G.T. is Morrillo, and i will included his channel below.His channel is based on his opinions as to which tracks deserve to be added to his library, so people will always have access to videos of the best of the best tracks,and also their details.This is a great idea,cos track central holds so many tracks,its like a mass void.Tracks that are the best ones in any specific week, can soon be forgotten.

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