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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Trials Evolution,OTHG..


Over The Hill Gang.

                              This group was the idea of BIG BOWE. He has a few groups on different games on the xbox under the same name.Its an active group of age 30+, that have become good mates.We all build tracks together,party up to have a crack,and basicly have fun.As a group, we race 4 tracks every week.3 mediums, and 1 hard.there used to be a leader-board for  the tracks, but the gang on a whole prefferred the idea of not being competative..Due to the age being 30+, it meant that we all have families, and taking it to serious would distract us from our every day lives.That would not be a good thing as most of us have kid's.There's no pressure on any members this way, which works great...

                           In the forum, the OTHG has its own thread so we can all post, and make comments without clogging up the forum..If you check out some of the conversation, you will notice that its 90% bollocks...Its a place for us pensioner gamer's to go and sound off and have our rants without desturbing anyone else..As the saying goes, ' Its better to be Over the Hill, than under it.' If you have a look, you'll find that we all just love to have fun.

see you on the leaderboards.
          check this link to view the forum thread.
.Forum thread                              


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