Friday, March 01, 2013

Birthday wishes from Redlynx friends....

                      My 40th Birthday  wishes.

            So,iv'e spoke about how important Trials Evolution is in my life right at this moment in time.I also have spoken about the Trials forum, and how great it is to be an active member.Well, on the 27th February, it was my 40th birthday..To me, this is just another day,as i'm getting older now..I logged into the forum as usual, to see what was going on, and i see this thread which read,

                            HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY MORFYBOY.

                   link:-  Happy Birthday to me..
         What a brilliant supprise i got..Its so great to feel i have made a load of friends, including from the guys i consider to be the best of the best in terms of riding and building.Even receiving a well wish from the R.L. community manager, and R.L.T.V. host was just amazing..After 3 years of being in this forum, i now totally feel that i'm a respected person.For anyone that are in forums will understand what i am saying ,when i say this, because it is so hard to be heard in these places without making a right idiot of yourself..So i say to these guys and everyone else,  "thank-you...You guys rock."
Especially to vladiiiiii..A fellow T.F. that got the thread started.

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