Monday, May 13, 2013

A University for riders?

University of Trials.

 With Professor Shady.

                Yes.Its true.A University for Trials riders. If you didn't already know about this, then your going to now. The university was founded by an astute, and avid trials rider by the name of 'Fatshady' or who he is now named as, the professor.This guy has many accolades to his name.True Fan being a familiar one, but also, this is the guy,( or one of the few), who actually solved the Riddle that was in the Trials H.D game.Check out this video for more on the riddle.

                  What can you say to that. All the time and effort devoted to this alone would have took hours and hours. As a student of the University, i am so impressed at the dedication shown. Its an inspiration that has urge me to perssue my Hobby even more once i watched this.
                 All this said, brings me straight back to the main topic.The professor didn't stop there.After visiting the holy ground that is Helsinki, and wrestled with a guru called 'ANBA', the proff' had more things he wanted to do.This is where his destiny started to unfold.He designed some unofficial wallpapers for Trials Evolution, which everyone has used hundreds of times on places like youtube. What a joy it must be to see that so many trialer's out there from all over the world are using something that you created.If it was i, then i would be extremely proud.He has certainly become a key Fan of the game.He has also done things to help my youtube channel by making me a video intro to all my trials related stuff.He is a genuine, kind guy who just happens to like trials.

                 If your reading this, then chances are you are a fan of the game too. Well, all i can say is to follow the links that i am going to leave. Check out this new, unique concept and become a better rider as the professor takes us through more tutorials on how to be the best that we can.

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               Hope to see you there guys...

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