Sunday, February 24, 2013

Video editing and youtube

          Using all devices.

                                                                                               Well,iv'e got to say that i can certainly see the benefits of +Google if your a business person that uses these sites to advertise..iv'e actually monetised some videos on my youtube channel, just to see if its worth doing. 

                  In all fairness, you would have to really put alot of time into just them sites for a return..
So,iv'e always been interested in technology, in one way or another.We are in an ever changing world ,so we rely so much on our 'devices'.
I started doing my videos from an i-pod..Recorded my T.V. then used a video editing app called 'SPLICE'..i found it a really decent app for what it did..and it was free.. there is an example below of a recorded trials track from the i-pod, then immediately edited, then uploaded.. You can actually see my shaky hands.

After doing about 10 videos, using the i-pod, i then stumbled across windows live movie maker..I needed a programme like this as i don't have a capture card to record the footage i need..instead, iv'e got good friends through out the trials community that all have channels..They would record my tracks that i built, then i would just use a video converter to take the video from youtube, and put into my computers video library..i can then do what i want in terms of adding images etc...

Here is a video that i did using an i-pod only.I was so happy when i built this, because of the snow effect..

my youtube videos