Friday, March 22, 2013

Redlynx.(I got picked)

                                   Redlynx Picks.


                              Every week, Redlynx choose the best community built tracks that get nominated in their forum,and put usually 3 tracks up in a special feed in track central.This is kind of like an honor, as it shows that you, as a builder, have impressed not only your friends, but also the redlynx people themselves.Once these tracks have been picked, and show up in the feed, they are there for months.Everybody gets to see your creation,but more importantly,play it..           There is a forum thread specially for nominations.You mostly find the same gamertags getting nominated.I like to think that this is due to them making outstanding tracks, but a small percentage is purely down to friends nominating friends.These tracks will certainly never get picked, unless they are worthy..Things that Redlynx look for in a track is
  1. A good theme
  1. Neat and tidy detail
  1. A nice,fun driveline
  1. Lighting (good use of it)
  1. originality.
                         This is just my thoughts,and NOT redlynx, but being a massive fan of trials, you get to learn certain aspects of how redlynx think, or operate..After all, we all want the same things out of tracks.Below, is a link to RLTV on youtube, and a video from the R.L. pick. I will go into more detail about R.L.Picks, and also about track building itself.

I was lucky enough to get on this episode, and race against the host cannibal shogun, on the tracks that got picked..I LOST...

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