Sunday, May 12, 2013

Community projects for Trials Evo

                   What to expect this summer.

Community projects.

                                A few of the Redlynx forum members have got together in an effort to keep all trials riders on xbox well  entertained this summer, and possibly beyond. Myself and a fellow 'TRUEFAN', vladiiiii, are starting up our own community driven trials evolution channel very soon. I'm just waiting to receive my P.V.R capture device, which i won in a competition a few weeks ago.We plan to do live streaming sessions through my Twitch-TV account,Competitions, special guests in a party up and play,highs and lows of the week, and much, much more.I know that there are other you-tubers out there that are already doing something similar, but our unique point is that its all about the riders and active forum members.I will come up with a rota nearer the time, and give a month by month timetable of whats happening, and to who is taking part.I will keep this updated as soon as i know for a fact as to when i can officially announce it. I hope that people get involved, and help to make it something special as i'm sure it will be.

                                          I like to be involved with anything that goes on in the forums when it concerns us all. I see the community as a big and happy group, as we all share one important thing.Trials Evolution.
                                           One great channel has started up already. Its aimed at the more skilled riders, and it headed by a well known trialer, and T.F. 'Retribution'. We both got talking not so long back, and today he released his first episode of whats looking like its going to be a great feature.Its called 'Speedrun/Ninja run of the week'.I just helped with the video editing side of it, and its run totally by retribution.He has a youtube channel full of trials content.Check out the link for more.
AmpTrials Channel

This is a video of the first episode.I hope you enjoy it.Be sure to give it a look....

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