Saturday, June 01, 2013

Trials builders continue..

             Builders still building ???

Is A Minority enough??

         As a Trials Evolution builder and rider, its a sad fact to see that there has been alot of talented, and creative minded people that have now stopped playing trials all together. From my point of playing trials, i really enjoyed it more when there was a real love and buzz for the game from others, as this is what kept me motivated in learning and building faster and more often. But as the old saying goes, 'all good things come to an end', for alot of trials fans, this is the case.Gone are the days of a track receiving over a hundred a fifty thousand downloads. Nowadays, a great track will get around ten thousand or so.

        All this said though, there are still a handful of builders that do continue to build to a high standard. Some weeks will see twenty or so tracks in track central. When i say twenty or so, i'm talking about great tracks, and not just the average track. So its good to see that there are a few of us that still enjoy to build, and ride each others tracks. Now we are the 'minority', most of us know who each other is, and have become good friends through the redlynx forum. I suppose that this is probably one of the reasons that we still build, knowing that there are others like yourself. I still enjoy trials a hell of alot, and i have no thoughts to 'retire' as the saying goes. I recently won a PVR HD, which is a recording device, and i have plans to do some projects within the redlynx forum, and on behalf of the community just like the 'Speedrun and Ninja run of the week' series that myself and retribution are working on. So although it's never going to be like it was on its release, there is still a big enough audience of the game, to continue playing and building custom tracks. I just hope that 'Trials Evolution' keeps enough life in the game for the next six months or so at least, and that people still continue to enjoy it as much as what i do myself. For me, once i stop playing trials, that will be the day i stop playing on my xbox.
            This is a video of my latest track, which i called 'Natures Way'.

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