Friday, July 19, 2013

Trials Evo Competition time

                    Muttis Gone Wild

Trials competition.
                With a quiet few months in the forums, out of the blue, my German friends that are collectively known as MuttisLieblinge-Trialsprojektz, are bringing a kick arse custom track building competition. I say this because of the prizes that these guys are putting up.
  • 1st - Monty Kamel BMX bike, 4200 msp, Hoodie and a controller.
  • 2nd - Hoodie, 2400 msp, and a controller.
  • 3rd - Hoodie, and a controller.
and the list goes on.
       What awesome prizes.These guys have a real passion for the game and building. I've had a few of the guys on my Friends List since trials HD. This is how close we keep our friends on this game. Every builder who is highly rated by others will always have a full friends list of other top builders. Its easier this way for us all to keep up to date with the very latest, best tracks.
        I put together a promo video for the competition.All details of the links to the competition thread, are in the video description.


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